Maintaining social harmony

We are passing through very stressful times. It is not only about the present pandemic, but long unleashed trends of divisiveness at different societal levels. This is a phenomenon that has turned out to be global. The recent event of racism in the US is an eye opener example of how age old fault lines can anytime turn active.

Like elsewhere in the world we too have many fault-lines at different levels of our society. In the past, recent and distant, we have experienced how vested interest has tried to damage our society by activating these fault-lines. We must remember that J&K is a place that is plural in every way possible. We have different religious denominations, multiple ethnic groups, varied languages, and more than one geographic regions. 

Our politics has always been informed by these divisions, but as long as it remains within the limits of democracy and decency, there is no problem in expressing difference. But the moment it becomes disrespectful of the other communities, things take an ugly turn.

It is here that we face a threat as a society. It not just affects law and order, but leads to the loss of human lives in many cases. It also infuses a sense of insecurity among different sections of the society in various places of J&K. In the recent past we have been largely successful in nipping the evil in the bud, and not allowing the disruptive elements to divide communities. 

The administration has also been fairly strict in this matter. All the civil societies, in all the regions, and across communities have stood against such divisive trends. If J&K has succeeded in fighting this evil in the past, credit doesn’t go to just one community, or one region. All have contributed their bit. Now, when certain unscrupulous elements are resorting to some nasty acts, it is time to get our act together. Rising above the differences of religious identity, economic class, or political affiliation, people of  J&K must not allow such ugly trends to take root in this land.