Monitor the impact

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As the world is moving ahead to open up more and more spaces that got closed because of the pandemic, and the consequent lockdown, there is a need to keep a vigil on how it impacts the overall situation.

Though our knowledge about the pandemic and how to deal with it was minimal in the beginning, and we had some panic reaction to observe across the world, the scene has now undergone a shift. We have now grown in our understanding of the pandemic, and have also improved on the healthcare facilities, all this while. So any decisions that we make now are expected to be better than what we did earlier.

Right now there is an over riding concern of how to revive the economy, and this can not happen unless the routine activities are restored to a degree. That entails that people should be allowed to move out, travel, interact and enter into different transactions. Taking this logic into account the governments around the world have also gone ahead with opening up the offices, albeit with some riders.

Up ahead the decision about opening up the schools is also being taken at various places. In the developed and rich parts of the world, the mechanism of taking decisions, implementing them and then monitoring those decisions is far better than in the countries of the third world. Also the infrastructure in place is also far better than ours; in fact the two cannot be compared. But still, in case of opening up the schools, they have taken the decision with utmost care.

At many places it was immediately noticed that some case of corona positive have surfaced up, so the need to go back on the decision. Once these cases were detected, the attendance was made volitional, and online classed were arranged without disruption. Similarly, there are reports that at certain places the pandemic seems to be posing a threat once again, and there are serious apprehensions that another wave of infection might hit. So that also is factored in while taking further decisions.

Here in J&K, though the administration has fought valiantly against this virus, but there seems to be some kind of inertia in monitoring the decision. The  will to roll a decision back if its effects are found adverse is not manifest. The hallmark of an effective administration is its ability to swiftly adjust to the changing situations.