Reason to worry

It was in the middle of the last century that the modern world, with its new political formations, was getting shaped up. That was the time when many thinkers expressed deep concern over the potential of devastation that any global military confrontation can inflict.

There are many influential thinkers of that time who expressed their pessimism in an intense way. It was particularly true in the backdrop of the two Great Wars.

The realisation that dawned was reflected by the global institutional framework that was then drawn up with deep insight and hard work. It worked to a large extent to save the world from any major catastrophe.

The treaties for arms control further placed a check on the potential of devastation. But over a period of time new challenges emerged and the world that we live in is now dangerously placed in many different ways.

One of the threats that we are confronted with, is the rise of hateful and malevolent ideas. The ghastly event that took place at the masque in New Zealand is an indicator of how this venom of hate can wreak havoc with human lives, and devastate the peace of human communities.

There are other places in the world where the ideas, and ideologies of hate are deepening, and pushing different communities into a perilous position. In the name of race, religion, sect, nation, culture, and imperial hangover, various divisive forces are ripping the human societies apart.

This is a dangerous scenario, particularly when such negative forces somehow slip into the realm of global, and domestic power contest. In such a situation it is the responsibility of the right thinking people to come forward and disseminate right ideas. Without that it is not possible to counter the menace of hate. It needs a global movement against such negative forces if the rising tide of pessimism is to be contained. One can only hope that the world is not taken over by such dangerous forces and the idea of universal brotherhood stays, and rules our hearts and minds.