Return of Lockdown

For last one week all of us where disturbingly watching a  steep rise in the covid positive cases. Not just this, there was a significant rise in the deaths related to covid.

This resulted in a panic, and a pressing concern on how to stop this rise in the cases, and also save human lives. Sine from the beginning experts have been telling us that this virus knows no treatment, it only knows precautions, we had to revert back to the extreme form of caution and that is lockdown.

The logic, and the lone one, behind this lockdown is to stop it from peaking and flatten the curve so that we can later mange it. But the question here is the same old one.  We had a series of lockdowns earlier too, but finally the needs of life and the systems of modern ways of life compelled us to lift the lockdown.

That time we were told that we have to live with the virus. But we heard the message incomplete, at least paid partial heed to it. We went out, started doing our routine work. We started living with the virus. The second part of the message was that we need to live with caution. It is here that we faltered.

The result is that we fell down. We didn’t observe simple precautions like wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, not moving out unnecessarily, and maintaining hygiene. Our negligence on this count now makes us pay a price. We have our hospitals now overburdened. No one can precisely tell us how many people here are actually infected with the virus. Many lives have already been lost.

Now with this return of lockdown we seem to be running on a circular path. We finally are, where we began. The question for the people, and the administration, is: where do we go from here? When the situation is slightly better, we would started opening up.

When we open up it worsens. This chain has to be broken, somehow. And it can be broken by observing precautions. Administration must look into what is wrong with its ways of managing the crisis, and the people should understand that a little caution can save them from a huge loss.