Upgrading the services

Modern states are know for big projects and extensive public utility services. Among the many great feats of the modern systems of governance is the supply of basic amenities, like water, and electricity. The corporate side and the capitalistic tendencies of the modern age aside, the way people have benefitted from these services, and the way it has made life easier for a common person, is too obvious to be missed. In J&K also the system of governance in place has tried to establish these public services and from time to time updated them. The public distribution system has for decades served the average household in J&K, like other states in India. Similarly we have an efficient water supply system, despite bottlenecks and inadequacies in the delivery of services. Our power department has come a long way, though it always remains in news for some bad reasons, be it the curtailments, damaged transformers, or the vulnerabilities of the ground staff.

Nevertheless there is a system in place that is supplying the electricity and people are benefiting from it.   In this regard it is always a good news if the services are upgraded, or expanded. The news that underground cabling will be done for a selected area, and for some selected spots, is a welcome development. Right now the cabling is all above head, and if anyone casts a look the electric poles and the wires spawning in all direction from these, it look not just ugly, but threatening.

Besides the transmission losses, and chances of pilferage are more when the lines are exposed. If the government has decided to lay underground cables it will be a big relief. One can only hope that the system of power distribution will be modernized, and made people friendly in the coming years.

The issues of safety, and efficiency can be addressed only by adopting modern means of supply and generation. So any step in the right direction should be hailed, and at the same time government should be asked to consistently upgrade the systems, keeping apace with the advanced parts of the globe.