Editorial | Pace of Development

Almost all the governance in today’s world is development oriented. World over the institutions of governance, and the leadership at different levels, try to put in focussed effort into development. And all this is logical. The fact of the matter is that if the governments pump in money into various development projects, its positive effect trickles down to every level of the society. It creates jobs, it lifts up business, and it also brings ease to the lives of the common people. The effect of the development on economy, and the impact of economy on every facet of life is a known fact. It does’t need any argument that if the economy at a household level is robust, it brings all round cheers. It has good effects on the health of the people, on their levels of education, on the overall well being. In fact it turns people productive, thus making the larger levers of progress and prosperity move. Since the last one year has gone to pandemic, everything including development has taking a severe hit.

Now that a year has passed, and the effects of pandemic are all evident, the best way to infuse life in our economic sphere is to go for an aggressive development phase. It will re-energise the things and people will get involved into different economic engagements.  In J&K the government also needs to look at the things through the prism of developments. For some time now the vibes from the LG administration are indicative of development oriented policies. If development picks up it will sure infuse life in all other spheres of human activity. Post pandemic we need aggressive inputs to lift the sinking economy. The effects of the pandemic have mostly been on the economy of the people, and the rest of the impact is indirect. Once livelihood is restored, once markets are abuzz with activity, once industries start picking up, and once money comes into the well, most of the problems take care of themselves. So it is extremely important that the government takes up development projects and kick starts the engine of economy.