Editorial | Persist with Precautions

As the world expects a second spike we need to follow the guidelines strictly
Editorial | Persist with Precautions
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As the numbers related to the covid affected persons witness a dip in J&K, it is time for us to not contribute to any spike that is expected in the coming colder days. World over we are expecting a second spike and already the global leaders have started expressing the fears about the situation that might arise in the wake of this second spike. We can barely forget how this pandemic invaded the human spaces all over the globe and devastated trade, travel, and all forms of human activity. The loss suffered by the global economy has been unprecedented, and the disruption has been, and continues to be unknown to the modern world. After taking such steps as complete lockdown, and suspension of all the activities, we have seen that the world has somehow succeeded in containing the spread of this disease. Meanwhile the infrastructure, the testing facilities, and other arrangements for treating the infected patients have been upgraded to a great level. World over, we have now a huge experience at our back and this must inform our future course of action. Now we have realised that trade and commerce can not be suspended, as it leads to more crises, rather than doing any good.

In J&K we have seen how the effects of job loss and diminished economy led to a psychological collapse of many families.  In such a situation the only way to move ahead is to take the precautions more seriously than ever before. We are now heading into winter season, if not already into it, and it is supposed to contribute to the spread of the infection if we don't follow the guidelines strictly. No one can now be excused for not wearing a mask, not maintaining the required distance, and not washing the hands frequently. These things have been publicised to a degree that none can pretend ignorance. To save our economic wellbeing, to save our lives, and to allow the markets and other collective spaces to operate unhindered, we must look to it that out negligence doesn't contribute to the expected spike.

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