Editorial | The Third Wave

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The new surge in the cases of infection has caused an alarm. World over there is a rise in cases and the governments are contemplating fresh steps to restrict the movement of the people, so that the spread of this pandemic can be minimised. It’s now been almost 8 months after the first lockdown was announced. Then we saw the continuation of that lockdown over many phases. Finally, the restriction were gradually relaxed, so that the routine activities were carried. This was primarily done to save the economy from a total collapse. But all this while the government tried to upgrade the facilities of testing, and also the treatment infrastructure in the hospitals. But after doing all these things this virus simply refuses to go. We now are told that the third wave can be even more threatening. In that case it means that people need to be more cautious and adhere to the guidelines strictly. Since the vaccine to this infection is still a far cry the only defence we have is the observance of the safety protocols.

Though many are claiming that they are in the final phase of the vaccine production, but till the time it actually fructifies we cannot lower the guard. And even if the news about the vaccine breaks soon, and we have something to really celebrate, it would take much time for this vaccine to reach here. For a common man living in the third world it is really a distant thing. We will have to face disturbances for some more time, and we must prepare ourselves for that in every respect. The government should now take decisions that are refined and thought through. Unlike the earlier announcements of lockdown, we now have a bundle of information, data, and experience at our back. So any decisions taken by the government in this regard should benefit  from the feedback of the last 8 months. It is a difficult time, and taking decisions is a tough task. But in all this, the adherence to the basic protection guidelines, wearings masks and maintaining distance, should be emphasised with a renewed vigour.