Education: Does it matter!

All sections of the society must join hands to stop this descent into darkness

Srinagar, Publish Date: Apr 20 2018 10:15PM | Updated Date: Apr 20 2018 10:15PM

Ever since schools opened after the winter vacations we had more off days than otherwise. After every single day we have multiple offs, and this way our education is slowly, but surely, collapsing. What is fast speeding up the collapse is this latest trend of student protests. True, students are a part of our society, and whatever impacts us as society will have reflection on schools, colleges, and university campuses. True, that students must be provided space to express themselves. But by bringing education to a complete halt is nothing short of a nihilistic act. By deserting classrooms, and pouring into streets, our students are finally harming the larger interests of the society. This time they may be driven by some immediate emotive reason, but slowly this disruption will create its own dynamic. Years later they will realise that such a disruption did nothing apart from ruining their lives. And with such ruined lives Kashmir will be poorer in its economy, ethics, and politics. So whose interests do we serve by preferring streets to classrooms.

Now something needs to be conveyed to the government also. What is the logic of making these quick announcements that the schools, colleges, and universities will remain closed, at the heels of any incident. Why have you reduced law and order to the closure of schools. In 2016 you employed everything to open the schools. Was it because you discovered a political interest in it ! And now you close them down because it so conveniently saves you from addressing the real problem. Are you scapegoating education? There is a reason for us to believe that the government is hiding its failures by ruining the future of our students.

Lastly, those who are spearheading the politics of protest. How do you think that a generation of poorly educated, and economically weaker youth can produce an independent, productive politics. Isn't it your responsibility to convey to students that a balance needs to be struck. After all you can't promote chaos in the name of dissent. The kind of society that is in the making, if education suffers this way, is a huge problem in any case. It is a sure way to a dark future, and that is not something any well wisher of Kashmir can allow. So you must come forward and stop this descent into darkness.  

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