Friday Focus: Just Economic Order

Greater Kashmir

…it ordains full measure & full weight

Just economic order is divine ordained. It calls for delivering in full measure and full weight. There is no place in the divine order for delivering in short measure and short weight:

‘And to Median, their brother Shuaib. He said, ‘’O my people, worship God; you have no God other than Him. And do not short measure or short weight. I see you in good circumstances, but I fear for you the agony of an encompassing day.’’ (11:84)

Hazrat Shuaib (A.S) like other messengers came to his people in Median to deliver the divine message with moral and material relevance. He exhorted his people to worship God, as did the God’s appointed messengers before and after him. And he added, there is no God other than Him…La Illah-Ha Illah-La!

Hazrat Shuaib (A.S) feared that his people in state of prosperity may not falter and fall in the agony of an encompassing day of moral degradation. As per the divine command, he advised them not to deliver in short measure or short weight, as it is not consistent with just economic order.  And, such waywardness could lead to moral and material ruin.  Corrupt practices do not rhyme with divine scheme of things, as ordained in the Holy Verse that follows the one quoted above:  

‘’O my people! Give full measure and full weight, in all fairness, and do not cheat the people out of their rights, and do not spread corruption in the land’’ (11:85)  

Hazrat Shuaib (A.S) following the divine command asked his people to be fair and deliver in full measure and full weight, as to get in full measure and full weight is the right of people. The people may not be cheated out of their right, as it would amount to spreading corruption in the land.