Friday Focus | Quran: a revelation of promise

Friday Focus | Quran: a revelation of promise

…it promises blissful life

Quran holds promise, the revelation in the Holy Scripture is meant to ease lives, rather than make people suffer, as ordained:

‘’We did not reveal Quran to make you suffer’’ (20:2)

The Holy Verse means to convey that Quran was not revealed to make life cumbersome or to deprive the believers of pleasant things in life, but to bestow a successful life, as and when the import of the revelation is read and understood in its proper context. In its proper context, it could be taken as a reminder. The Verse noted may be read with the one that follows:

‘’ We did not reveal Quran to make you suffer. But only as a reminder for him who fears’’ (20:2/3)

The reminder is for one who may be taken in by a feeling of fear that he may be deprived of the bounties of life, were he to follow what is revealed. It is to dig out the fear that to follow the Quranic Code or the set of laws enshrined might be difficult and cumbersome. It is not meant to cause suffering or deprivation of bounties of life. In its essence, a Quranic revelation is from One in Command of the Universe, thus a reassurance that it has come from the Highest Quarters:

‘’A revelation from He who created the earth and high heavens.’’ (20:4) 

There is an added emphasis:

‘’The Most Merciful; on the Throne He settled’’ (20:5)

The revelation is from One who is Most Merciful: Ar-Rahman in Quranic idiom, Who has created the earth and high heavens and Who is settled on the Throne—the Supreme Seat in the Universe, wherein His laws are in operation with full command. He is the Master of the Universe, in all its dimensions:

‘’To Him belongs everything in the heavens and the earth, and everything between them, and everything beneath the soil’’ (20:6)

Thus the revelation from Him cannot but hold promise of blissful life.