Friday Focus: The realm of the unseen

…man cannot but wait for events to unfold

It is ordained that the realm of unseen belongs to Allah; man cannot but wait for the events to unfold in due course of time. Instead of waiting for the events to unfold by holding on to belief and keeping faith, there are people who want miracles to happen, in order to hold on to their belief and keep faith. Belief and faith however may not remain hostage to miracles:

‘’And they say, if only a miracle was sent down to him from his Lord. Say, the realm of unseen belongs to Allah; so wait, I am waiting with you’’ (10:20)

While as the faithful holding strong belief accepted and imbibed the message carried by  Allah’s messenger—Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) without question, some lacking faith asked for miracles so that they could be brought to believe. However the miracle was the message itself. The message contained in Holy Quran devised a scheme of things, wherein a change awaited the believers, which were nothing short of miraculous.

History is a witness that by accepting and imbibing the message wholeheartedly without needless questions, a change was wrought in Arabia, wherein tribes engaged in blood feuds across generations combined to form the Islamic Ummah. Within a short span of two decades, the crowns of Caesars of Rome and Choesroes of Persia were rolling in dust, as the Ummah carried the message they had accepted and imbibed into distant corners of the world. 

The Ummah was armed with faith and fired by belief. They believed in the realm of unseen belonging to Allah. They waited for events to unfold, and when the events unfolded, history witnessed a miracle. Known in the past as wild tribes of Arabia, the faithful combined to shape an Ummah, which became the harbinger of just world order. In the ensuing order, there was no victor, no vanquished, the message carried the day.