Friday Focus:Faith ensures security

…Prophets were guided to promote faith

The Prophetic trail from Syedena Ibrahim (A.S)/Abraham to Hazrat Issa (A.S)/Jesus Christ holds a lesson that belief and faith ensure security and the mission of Prophets was meant to promote belief and faith, as enshrined:

‘’Those who believe, and do not obscure their faith with wrongdoing, those will have security, and they are guided’’ (6:82)

It is clear thus that faith may not be obscured with wrongdoing, so as ensure that belief and faith translate to a secure existence and the believers and the faithful remain guided. This was the argument Syedena Ibrahim (A.S)/Abraham was invested with, as he approached his people:

‘’That was Our argument We gave to Abraham against his people. We elevate by degrees whomever We will. Your Lord is Wise and Informed’’(6:83)

It falls upon Lord and it is His Exclusive Preserve to elevate by degrees whomever He wills, as He is Wise and Informed.  God thus guided the Prophets who followed Syedena Ibrahim (A.S)/ Abraham, as noted:

‘’And We gave them Isaac and Jacob, each one of them We guided. And We guided Noah previously; and from his descendants David, and Solomon, and Job, and Joseph, and Moses, and Aaron. Thus We reward the righteous’’ (6:84)  

Following Syedena Ibrahim (A.S)/Abraham, the Prophetic trail continued, each one of them being guided, so as to reward the righteous. The distinguished trail included Noah, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron in various epochs. Others followed, who were upright:

‘’And Zachariah, and John, and Jesus, and Elias, every one of them as of the upright’’ (6:85)   

There were others in the Prophetic trail, who were favoured:

‘’And Ismael, and Elijah, and Jonah, and Lota, We favoured each one of them over all other people’’ (6:86)