Our Urban Poor

Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 18 2018 10:19PM | Updated Date: Dec 18 2018 10:19PM
Our Urban Poor

Cities are usually known for mega projects, big markets, and sprawling residential areas; the other side remains away from the gaze. Srinagar, as a city, faces a number of problems. Some are addressed by the government, some are taken up with delay, and some are completely neglected. Among the neglected is the urban poor. Since the idea of poor and marginalised takes us to far flung areas, those living in major towns, and the city itself, receive less, or no attention. There is a significant number of people living in the city who live on the margins, face poverty, and other deprivations. Unfortunately, whenever this city is in focus, it is for the issues that mostly pertain to politics, or mega picture of economics, development, and governance. Though that is needed, and one doesn't want to undermine it. But there is need to take up matters that directly hit the poor and marginalised people living in the Srinagar city. There is a need to make changes in the education policies, the ensure fresh distribution of education infrastructure, that takes into account the urban poor. Similarly, in the health sector, the distribution of human and material resource need to be mindful of the urban poor. These are the people who are left out of the network of schemes made for the rural, and peripheral poor. Otherwise the condition of the urban poor is no less pathetic than the poor elsewhere. The administration needs a special focus on this, introducing schemes and development projects that particularly target the urban poor.

Pertinent to mention here that according to a report on census data fifty percent or more of the slum dwellers of this state are hosted by Srinagar district alone. It's reported that “according to the Census Abstract for Slums released by the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner India, 52 percent of the total slum population of the state is living in Srinagar district.” In this scenario Srinagar demands an urgent attention. Before it turns into one vast slum, measure need to be taken to prevent such an ugly thing from happening.

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