Standing up for a victim

When people across religious, and regional divide, stand up for the victim, it is a triumph of humanity

Crime is a universally condemnable act. Human societies, through out history, have grown over a universal idea of punishing the perpetrator, and coming to the rescue of victim. This is the bedrock of human societies. States, and the entire system of law, is a reflection of this founding principle of justice. In the recent past, in our region, there have been many ghastly incidents of crime that resulted in a unified societal response. The civil society formations, and state institutions, on all such occasions, were thrown into action. People across the differences of creed, ideology, profession, and interest stood for the cause of justice. A good example of this was exhibited by the Jammu civil society, by standing up and demanding justice for the Kathua victim. The differences situated in loyalty, identity, and allegiance melted away. This can be seen as a triumph of humanity, and a reason for a common man to celebrate the essential unity of human society. All those individuals and groups in Jammu that stood by the victim deserve applaud. They upheld the cause of greater good, surpassing any parochial or provincial identities. People in Kashmir, and other regions of the state, fully appreciate this gesture. In fact on all such issues people must stand up as people, and be on each other’s side. Politics must be kept as away as possible in such circumstances.

If this rallying of human spirit is laudable, equally, if not more, is condemnable the act of communalising crime. Victim is a victim, first and last. Criminal is a criminal, first and last. Justice and punishment are not qualified by communal belonging. Those who try to bring in politics, and divide communities, are the worst of creatures. The barbarians who commit these acts belong to no community. Even worst is the crime if some people think fear can be struck into the minds of a particular community through such ghastly acts. If there are people who deem that such a politics of fear is justified through the principle of expediency, the crime attains indescribable proportions. That, in fact, signifies end of humanity. In such a situation when people across the religious, and regional divide, stand up for the victim, it is a triumph of humanity. And here in is a lesson to be learnt. Those who wish to divide good and bad in terms of one or the other community, are driving a wedge between different communities living in this region. But the way people across religious divided stood for the victim, and put their weight in favour justice is a great exhibition of the fact that we are humans, and the grief over the tragedy that struck is shared by all. It is time to reiterate that Justice is a universal value. Human societies, across divisions of identity, are founded on this cardinal value. We shouldn’t qualify, or limit, a value like justice, by any marks of identity.