Story of a Highway

This road link is the main aqueduct throw which people and goods flow in and out of the Kashmir valley.

The highway connecting the two capital cities of J&K state is the only road that connects Kashmir province to the outside world. This road link is the main aqueduct throw which people and goods flow in and out of the Kashmir valley. Besides, this is the road that serves as the line of connection between various regions of the state. Of late, though we have some alternative routes coming up to join some of the regions to the valley, but still the Jammu-Srinagar is the only real road link that connects various regions of the state. The major roads that go to some of the important regions actually branch off from the main trunk called Jammu-Srinagar highway. The degree of flow of people and goods between Kashmir region and the Jammu region is very high. The businesses are dependant on this road. Students from one region are studying in other region and have to frequently ply this road. Add to it the government services that are divided between the two capitals and this road serves as the only link. The people in one region, to pursue their official cases in the capital on the other side are dependant on this road. This is just to indicate how important this road is for all of us living in this state. But unfortunately it is vulnerable to the vagaries of weather, and quite often we hear about the closure of the road for one reason or the other. Just a shower and people are stranded for hours, and some times days. On some occasions this road has proved so deadly that people have lost lives. The rate of accidents on this road is quite high. The time taken from one end to another is very uncertain. A day of traffic jam means you are through hell if your are travelling on that day. These hazards make this road quite unreliable for the movement of traffic. Keeping all this in view the administration must make some comprehensive plan to meet the challenge of keeping this road open, ensuring smooth travel on this road. If the top notch officials are meeting in this regards they have a real task at hand.