Managing the Rush

We need a detailed prospective plan for the management of traffic in Srinagar

Srinagar, Publish Date: Jan 10 2017 9:37PM | Updated Date: Jan 10 2017 9:37PM

Discussing the Preliminary Project Report (PPR) of Metro Train for Srinagar City at a high level of official hierarchy is a good thing but, as they say, there is many a slip 'twixt cup and lip. And in case of a place like Kashmir, this many runs into millions. We have seen governments talk about ambitious projects, do some preliminary drafting, but then things disappear as if nothing ever happened. There is hardly anything unsaid about how grave the problem of traffic is in a city like Srinagar. In fact the present scenario should have been long back laid out in the form of a detailed report, and its different elements should have been implemented by now. But the governments in this state have been remarkable in their ad hoc approach towards governance and development. Anyway, it's always better to look at the future, though consistently learn from the past. The idea of a Metro Project for a city like Srinagar is expected to solve the unmanageable rush on the roads. If the Metro projects in the mega cities like Delhi is any guide, it does make a huge difference. But some questions still remain. One, by the time such a thing really picks up, what will be the number of vehicles plying on the city roads, and how much of that would be reduced by the mega project, like Metro. Two, by no means would a thing like Metro make traffic reduce to an extent that overnight the problems of traffic management would solve. Third, would other routine projects be in sync with things like Smart City and Metro Project. These, and many more, questions entail a thorough discussion on the pattern of development in the State, looking through the prism of traffic management. Right now what we see is that there is no comprehensive management of the already existing infrastructure, not to speak of a long term vision about making the future projects part of a single vision. It would be desirable that the concerned department and the top bureaucracy join heads to think about how a comprehensive traffic management plan can be laid out in which the existing infrastructure and the upcoming projects are placed in a harmonious and complimentary way. 

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