War and Religion

Greater Kashmir

Religion has been grossly defamed by wars launched in its name. Islam has particularly been singled out for condemnation although most of the wars fought in its name were imperial in nature. Even if we ignore all this and count all these imperialist activities as religious wars and join with it the bloodshed and destruction caused during the Crusades – all this put together is hardly equal to one day’s bloodshed and destruction in World War I or World War II or any of the major wars of history. This, of course, excludes Hiroshima and Nagasaki whose devastation remains unparalleled in history and, let us pray, may remain unparalleled in future too. In the battles which were imposed on the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and were fought intermittently for ten years less than seven hundred people were killed including Muslims and non-Muslims. As against this more than 88 million people were killed in the last two World Wars and of these twelve hundred thousand men, women, old men, children – all, were decimated in an instant in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. According to a survey, in a so-called war-free world, seven hundred thousand children have been killed, not to speak of the adults, and nearly as many have been maimed. Add to this the harrowing spectacle of the endemic bloodshed that goes on in the trouble-spots of the world. No hour of the day passes when men women and children are not decimated and, most of them innocent and blissfully unaware of why they are killed. It does not matter who kills them, the imperialist forces, those who terrorise the world in order to secure their mean material interests and perpetuate their control of the world. They do not rest contented with killing people themselves but use their lackeys and watchdogs all over to world to kill people including children, old men and women. Their puppets hang people in hundreds at one time. Those who resist this reign of terror and take to violent ways are, in the ultimate analysis, a creation of this imperialist injustice. No doubt violence does not justify violence but objective historical analysis would always identify the root cause of the violence that rocks the world today in the unjust, oppressive and hegemonistic international order.