'Talk of the Town'

Social entrepreneurship represents a new organizational form reflecting a time of societal change, young businessman and philanthropist Syed Ali Asgar Razvi said, urging philanthropists to come forward and groom the local latent.

Razvi, who is a “talk of the town” in Magam, Budgam area of central Kashmir, for his philanthropy, said that with the improvement of living conditions in many parts of the developing world, more people than ever before have the time, money, and access to invest in sport, physical activity, and wellness. “Similarly we need to create avenues here. If the government fails at any point of time, businessmen, social entrepreneurs can fill the gap,” he said.

“If we have talented young brothers and sisters with humble or poor backgrounds, it is our moral responsibility to help them and show them their dreams can come true,” he said. This young social entrepreneur exhibits true energy and spirit to be there for the youth by sponsoring them for their dreams in sports. He is running his family business in Magam, Budgam.

He said that additionally, increased connectivity and information sharing has empowered those around the region, to learn more about the importance of physical fitness, health, and emotional wellness, and to understand how access to participatory sport impacts those elements of life. “Entrepreneurship holds immense potential as a driver of economic advancement and social progress,” he said.

Razvi is showing others how to promote young talent across the national and international platforms. In the last five years, we have seen a massive turnaround as top entrepreneurs like Razvi coming forward for athletes in various sports, promoting them by helping them play at the National and international levels. This shows that India is changing and guarantees a safe future for sports.

“People like him (Razvi) invest in the right things, which is different from traditional businesses. He also shows a keen interest in music and wants to make a difference in the music industry as well,” said Razvi’s friend, Umer Ahmad. “He is really doing an amazing job. Every year, he has kept a separate amount like CSR for helping and grooming local talent.” With investors like Syed Ali, taking a keen interest in promoting young talents in India gives athletes the boost and confidence to work hard on their games.

“It is great to be vocal for local initiatives by promoting young talents in various sports and helping them reach their desired destinations. We need more and more sponsors like Razvi to come forward and promote young athletes and take Indian players to the international level from small towns and cities.” Apart from maintaining an active lifestyle for himself and being a sports lover, he loves music. Just like sponsoring youngsters in sports, in the future, someday, he even wants to make a difference in the music industry.

“Celebrities have helped the sports genre to bring out the message and the struggle the athletes go through. I aim to promote and help in whatever capacity I can the young athletes of my area. We need to support the young athletes as they lack in facilities,” he said.