Greater Kashmir

Save heritage wall
Centuries ago some Muslim ruler built a wall on the slopes of Kohi-Maraan hill for the safety of Makhdoom Sahib Shrine and other structures. With the passage of time the wall began to deteriorate so the shrine management got a parapet constructed some fifty years ago to save it from erosion. The parapet was built at a cost of millions of rupees by the previous management, right from Haft-Sadaat in the west to the water tank in the east, but unfortunately nothing has been done to keep it safe. With the result its top has developed cracks through which the rain and snow water goes deep into the wall and there is every apprehension that the wall may fall if left attended.
Also a drain constructed close to this wall right from Haft-Sadaat to the water tank is in dilapidated condition and its water also seeps into the foundation of the wall. There is a dire need to replace the open drain with iron pipes to save the wall forever and also repair the parapet and wall. Hope the Wakf administration takes out some time to take up the matter with the concerned officials to save this heritage wall.
Nazir Ahmad Mukhdoomi
Welfare committee
Mukhdoom Sahib

No water supply at Bagh-e-Mehtab
We the residents of Bagh-e-Mehtab are suffering a lot due to the lack of drinking water supply in our area. The Water Supply of the area is either absent or water comes in drops and due to which many of the residents are suffering especially children and elderly people. The water quality is also bad and number of people are suffering from water borne diseases. The houses without the water supply are the main victims of this problem and those houses with the water supply facility are also suffering as the water is not clean enough for drinking or cooking. On the eve of Eid we lacked enough water to bath and wash our clothes. Some fed up residents are even leaving the area.
I appeal the authorities to take charge of the situation and restore the water supply of Bagh-e-Mehtab quickly
Basar Qari
Resident Of Bagh-e-Mehtab

Need for microbiologists
In all other states of India, microbiology is a compulsory subject at inter as well as at UG and PG level but here in J&K this subjects has not been introduced yet. Even though students of J&K have high potential to master this science. It is very much meaningful if these minds are utilized for the development of biological sciences with the base of microbiology. The soil of J&K owns such class of microbial population (fungi, bacteria, yeasts etc.) that can be used for the production of important and valuable microbial products (antibiotics, enzymes etc.). So it’s important for the new generations to take a chance and learn more about microbiology as it leads us to new world with immune applications.
Aejaz Iqbal
Nadihal Bandipora

Declare list
So many requests have been made by aspirants to declare the pending list of junior assistants of 2009. We are suffering a lot as higher authorities are not willing to declare the list as they continue to play with the career and sentiments of Kashmiri youth. We once again request the honorable Chief Justice of High Court to look into the matter and save the future of Kashmiri youth who are waiting for the list since 2009. We hope the honorable chief justice will not disappoint us and will issue the list immediately on the bases of humanitarian ground.
Riyaz Ahmad Wani

Release our pay
We the class-iv candidates of Govt Medical College, Srinagar were recruited in January 2014. Nine months have passed since our recruitment but we are still without salaries. Though budget has been sanctioned in our favour but unfortunately the pay has not been released yet and we are facing many problems. Please release our salary as soon as possible.
Ishfaq Bhat

Install ATM
We the residents of Tehsil Kakapora request the higher authorities of JK Bank for installation of one more ATM at main Chowk Kakapora. The only ATM located at Kakapora faces frequent breakdown due to the heavy rush. Hope the authorities of JK Bank will look into the matter and redress the problem faced by the general public.
Ajaz Ahmad
Tehsil Kakapora

Upgrade science laboratories
SSRB can’t turn blind eye regarding the improvement of scientific laboratories of various colleges across the state. It is the need of hour to adjust capable persons into different laboratories in order to keep pace with growing scientific world. Keeping this in view, department of chemistry, University of Kashmir, has trained several candidates under the banner of ‘Professional laboratory course in chemistry’ with a mission to serve and upgrade the basic infrastructure of scientific labs across the state. Meanwhile SSRB advertised the posts in higher education for junior laboratory assistants under notification no. 01 of 2011 dated 31 -01 – 2011, but till date no process has been initiated for short listing of such candidates. Pertinently, SSRB’s apathy in this matter can lead to worsening condition of scientific laboratories.
Sofi Mubashir
Ph.D Scholar,
Department of Chemistry, KU.

Regularise our services
We have been recently selected as Contractual Teachers throughout the J&K. We are more than 8000 in number. Our selection was on Merit only. We all are highly qualified. We request the worthy CM to regularize our services on ReT Pattern. We also request Mr. Abdul Qayoom Wani (EJAC) to take up our demands with the higher Authorities. So that our future can be save. Keeping in view there are more than 22 thousand vacancies in Education department. We request the authorities to adjust us on priority.
J&K Contractual Teachers 2014

No Home delivery of BP gas
We the subscribers of BP cooking gas have been taken for a ride by the New Pamposh New Gas agency near 90 feet road Dumat in Soura. The said agency had remained unaffected by the recent floods but still they have stopped the home delivery of gas cylinders. And the gas cylinders are never available at their agency, which according to government are supplied to them regularly. We appeal the director CAPD to take action against the said agency and force them to issue information about their contacts, date of arrival of gas cylinders and date of start of home delivery.
Faisal Khan
Ellahibagh, Srinagar

Change of exam centers
We had applied for Combined Graduate Level (CGL) examination of SSC and our centers were in various districts of Kashmir, but SSC has suddenly changed our centers from Kashmir division to Jammu division. Exam centers of Anantnag, Srinagar and Baramulla have been shifted to Jammu, which is an injustice with poor candidates. Our areas have been badly affected by floods and we cannot afford the amount of Rs 3000-4000 at this time. Please help the poor students of Kashmir valley. SSC could have changed the exam centers from flood affected areas to non flood affected areas like Ganderbal and Budgam, and not to Jammu. We request the SSC authorities to kindly change their decision otherwise it would be impossible for many candidates of Kashmir valley to appear in exams in Jammu.
Waseem Ahmad Hurra