Greater Kashmir

Mushrooming coaching centres
Coaching centres in Kashmir have become business centres. Students in kindergarten are being forced for private coaching centres. Teachers pay more attention towards students in these centres rather than in schools. Students own capability to learn has been changed by spoon feeding in such centres. More ever most of social evils exist in these centres. Government should take serious concern towards the mushroom growth of these centres. 
Ommer Bashir
Reshipora Saloora Ganderbal

Illegal construction near Eidgah Bijbehera
We the inhabitants of village Samthan and New Sicop Colony Jablipora Bijbehara thank the District Administration Anantnag for partly demolishing the illegal construction near (cool point ) Eidgah Bijbehara.
The land where the construction has been made is purely Kah cherai and the conustructions are erected on the banks of Nandi irrigation canal.
It is only way for connectivity of thousands of kanals of paddy land and nursery. The construction restricted the movement of human as well as animals.
We again thank the District Adminstration and request that the left out illegal constructions i.e plinths  may also be demolished so that there will be no chance of re-conustruction    
Villagers Of SEMTHAN and NEW SICOP Colony Bijbehara

Appeal to CE PDD
With humble request we want to bring to your kind attention about our area namely Dar Mohalla, Rangpora, Ellahibagh, Srinagar. Here some of your (PDD) staff members are involved in making easy money by providing illegal connections in our locality, which frequently causes damage to our transformer thus plunging us in darkness. Our locality wants your good self to visit our area to know the real facts and punish the guilty. 
Dar Mohalla, Rangpora,
EIllahibagh, Srinagar

Contaminated water supply
We the residents of Kanelwon, Manzpora are receiving contaminated water from last 15 years via Lidder (Pahalgam) Every kind of dirt is present in this water due to which Hepatitis (A,B,C) has engulfed all the residents of my village. A team of doctors visited my village some days back, gave instructions and went back. Our PHE employees are not using chlorine and other anti-bacterial measures for purifying of drinking water. Now we appeal the higher ups of PHE department to look into the matter and take action as quick as possible so that the diseases are prevented right in the beginning.
Mudasir khan
Kanelwon, Manzpora.

BSNL is not reachable
Most of the private cellular companies have good reach in villages of district Pulwama, but unfortunately BSNL is lagging behind. We the inhabitants of village Koil, Pulwama have deplorable BSNL network coverage. We are facing this problem since BSNL started its services way back in 2003. It is very difficult to make a call using BSNL network as the signal is very low. If one has to make a call either he/she needs to climb a tree or shift to the top most floor of his/her house, forget about receiving one.
We request BSNL authorities to install a tower in the locality to improve the network coverage. Their timely action would relieve us from long pending demand.
 Irshad ul Islam
Koil, Pulwama

Waiting for B.Ed. Contact classes
We the students want to inform the university of Kashmir (Distance
Education) that we are waiting from the last few months for our B.Ed contact classes. Till date no notification regarding our B.Ed contact classes through distance mode has been issued. So we are appealing to the distance Education of Kashmir University to please issue a notification regarding our B.Ed contact classes as soon as possible as it will save our precious time.
 Aadil Hafeez Dar

Power crisis
We the residents of Nehal Pora Pattan are the worst suffers as far as the electricity supply is concerned. The village remains in darkness when the adjoining places like Pattan, Buran get the adequate electricity. There are unscheduled power cuts, light remains hardly for an hour even in its scheduled time. If this matter is not worked properly the consequences will be negative. 
Zubair Bhat
Nehal Pora Pattan

No health service
We the residents of Kreshbal Noorbagh Srinagar are facing a lot of difficulties due to lack of health facilities. We are interested in having an ISM dispensary in our locality as unani medicines are very effective and without any side effect. We request director ISM that kindly see the deteriorating conditions of our village and allocate one ISM dispensary in our favour.
 Ummer Rasheed
Kreshbal Srinagar

Transport problem
In our area namely Monchowa, Budgam there is an acute problem of irregular public transport. In morning no mini bus is available in our area. So it is humble request to the transport authority to please solve this problem as this will be yours most kindness.
 Asgar Ali

Quality versus Quantity
This refers to Backward Area commission, which recently gave ‘RBA’ status to some specific Areas. This directly or Indirectly may affect the students of high caliber and intellectual minds belonging to general category status against the candidates of average and less intellect from different castes and tribes, particularly Reserved backward areas (RBA). This not only sows the seed of hatred and social disparity in the state but also ruins the source of intellect mind on paradise. We now request the Administration particularly Backward Area Commission that either to give every village the Reserve Backward Area (RBA) status or to remove this disparity which talented students may suffer in competitive exams where 20 to 30 percent reservations are given to RBA category students like Kashmir university entrance exams, CET exams conducted by BOPE, KAS/KPS, conducted by our State Public Service Commission and also exams of Non-Gazetted posts which are conducted by ‘SSRB’ etc. The benefit of these exams directly goes to category certificate possessing individuals and not to knowledge and experience possessing individuals of general category. To conclude we once again we request government in future either to give all villages as ‘RBA’ Status or to remove this menace for the safety and security of talented source.  
Tanveer Ahmad Wani
Madwan, Sonawari, Bandipora.

Teacher list of Kupwara
We have applied for the post of teacher of district Kupwara. Our interview was conducted six months ago but the JKSSB is yet to publish the list. We request Chairman of the board to please publish the list as soon as possible.
 Wani Waqar

Unscheduled power cuts
We the inhabitants of Yaripora wish to draw the attention of the authorities of the power development department towards the decline in the power supply in our town from the last three months. The condition is turning from bad to worse amidst the chilly days of winter. There have been frequent cuts in the electricity leading to hardships for every one especially students who are preparing for the examinations.
We had requested the said authorities many a times but no heed was paid towards our concern. We hope that this time the problem may get solved so that none suffers further.
 Parvaiz Ahmad

Woes of married female RET/Third teachers
Through the columns of your newspaper, we the female regularised RET/Third teachers of school education department of J&K State would like to humbly plead the Government, especially our chief minister Omar Abdullah, Dy.C.M. and Minister for school education and Directors of both provinces, Ministers of the State cabinet and all Honorable MLAs to kindly work out a way to relax and modify transfer policy in respect of those female married  outside their districts/towns because of our far away and distant postings from our in-laws homes, which hinders our families/marital and socio-religious obligations and customs. As a result our wards and elderly in-laws, spouses suffer immensely because of us, as we are not able to live like a normal and sound family. Hoping for an earnest resolution of our just, genuine and human problems and concerns.
 Umatul Simi
District Baramulla

No Salaries
We the newly appointed class IV employees in SMHS (GMC) Hospital are still waiting for our salaries even though we are supposed to come duties in critical conditions, curfews etc. But still we are without salaries. No one is listening to our woes. We request principle GMC Srinagar & MS SMHS hospital to please release our salaries, otherwise we have to think about taking to other courses like agitations.
 Irfan Rather

Bad roads, power curtailment
The people living in backward villages of Pinjura and Goigam of district Baramulla are living their life in difficulties due to official apathy as these habitations lack basic facilities including health services, better connectivity, electricity and transport facility to greater extent. Falling in the vicinity of the Magam town the area is connected by a 4 km dilapidated stretch dotted with potholes. It is a permanent and serious problem for commuters, which not only creates financial problems to transporters who now restrict their services to the area but also health problems to the people travelling on the road. It is pertinent to mention that the residents of these villages are dependent on this lone lifeline to reach Magam for medical help and other needs of human importance.
We often used to reach our destinations by foot rather than by vehicle because of bad roads, which consumes our precious time and indulging us in certain ailments said a group of villages at Pinjura, adding that we reach our destinations late and the worst hit are the students and patients.
These habitations are also facing prolonged electricity curtailment as it plays hide and seek and it has now becomes a routine problem for the people. The residents are fed up due to these problems and sought the attention of the government especially DC Baramulla for immediate remedy.
 Sheikh Tariq

Poor cable service
In today’s world cable service is very essential but unfortunately we the residents of Madina Bagh, Chanapora Srinagar sector 2 are not enjoying this service because of the poor service provided by the Friends Cable Network Chanapora. He is giving the service only 10 to 15 days per month and still charging a full fee. Now we are appealing the DC Srinagar and the authorities of SEN network kindly look into the matter personally and change our cable service operator from Friends Cable Network to Duniya Darshan Cable Network Chanapora Srinagar, so that we can enjoy the uninterrupted cable service.
 Residents of Madina Bagh Chanapora Sector 2   

Dirty surface drain
We, the residents of Baghwanpora (Hyder Colony) are facing problems from concerned sweepers. They are not cleaning the surface drain regularly of our mohalla which is hardly 150 to 200 metres long. We appeal to the concerned authorities (S.M.C) to look into the matter and hope concerned will approach the matter and solve it an earliest and shift those khakroobs (Sweepers) to another area.
 Shafaqat Mohmmad
Baghwanpora(Hyder Colony) Lal bazar sgr

De-constructing ADB funded bridge
De-Construction of Kunzar Chanpora Bridge is on by the (Economic) Reconstruction Agency. Indeed a crude joke is played on people, first its engineers design and construct a specific component of this bridge and then other officials come and deconstruct the same.
Last year a bund was constructed as its protection and now they are destroying the same. This is the eighth year on the construction of this bridge. Crores have been spent so for but due to faulty designs and other invisible reasons this ADB funded bridge is yet to be called as a bridge. Is any body listening?
 Ahmed Kashmiri

No sign of salary
Six months have already passed and there is no sign of salary for the teachers working under SSA, a central sponsored scheme in J&K. The reasons are unknown. As a result, the teachers have been suffering with countless miseries and hardships hitting them and their families in fulfilling the basic needs. The painful situation forced these nation builders to protest in Srinagar on November13. But it could not win any response from the administration. The teachers were to protest on November 21 and 22 again but the administration assured their leadership that the grave issue would be solved up to the 30th of November. That has proven a hoax. The teachers continue to suffer.  And do not know for what fault and how long? How sad! One understands that elections are a must and our administration was busy in ensuring their smooth conduct. But that does mean that the people should be left helpless and suffering. Why is our administration so indifferent and insensitive towards these citizens of the state: the teachers in question?  Some officers maintain that they do not have the needed budget to release the earned salaries of the teachers. This is a flawed logic because the officers are duty bound to ensure that there is no roadblock in the way of the budget. They can not justify this intolerable delay in the salaries of the teachers. Need is that the administration resolves the crisis on fast track basis. Only that will save the teachers and their families from further miseries.
 Sheikh Shabir

Conduct interviews
We had applied for junior Assistants in J&K High court Srinagar in March 2014 but interview of the said posts hasn’t been conducted till date. We request the concerned authorities to conduct our interviews immediately.
 Mir Younus
Chandian Pajan