Undoo, Pushroo crave for drinking water

Greater Kashmir

Shangus, June 13: The residents of twin villages of Undoo and Pushroo here are blessed with the scenic topography, bordered on the west side by foothills of a thick forest. However, the paradisiacal landscape lacks the most vital ingredient so people here are up in arms against the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department for failing to provide them the water supply.
The villagers complained that their tapes are running completely dry for last two months, causing them tremendous inconvenience.
 “The Lehanvan water supply scheme, commissioned last year, is lying defunct in absence of proper mechanism of water storage in the reservoir,” said the residents.
They added that the supply lines, which are 29 km in length from the main source, run over the surface, hence vulnerable to leakages.
“Once the water pipes get damaged or washed away due to cloud burst or other weather vagaries, the water supply gets affected, making people to suffer,” complained the residents.
“We have been demanding water for a decade now and if at all we get water, it is muddy and not safe for consumption. There have been many cases of water borne diseases in the area,” said Raja Dawood Khan of Undoo.
“The Lehenwan water supply was sanctioned after the earlier Dug Well Undoo-Pushroo scheme commissioned in 2006 turned out a failure,” said the residents.
They said that the new water supply scheme too is unable to meet the purpose in absence of proper distribution mechanism.
“Women have to tread several miles to fetch water from river which too isn’t fit for consumption,” the residents said, adding, “We appeal the Chief Engineer, PHE to intervene.”