Friday Focus: Loan with rich dividends

Loan to Allah [SwT] is a loan with rich dividends, as is laid down:

‘’Who is he that will loan to Allah, a beautiful loan, which Allah will double into his credit and multiply many times? It is Allah that giveth (you) want or plenty. And to Him shall be your return’’ [2:245]

Loan to Allah metaphorically means spending in the cause of Allah [SwT]. Beautiful loan is the translated version of ‘Qarzan Hasanan’. Loan to Allah [SwT] or spending in the cause of Allah [SwT] is the safest of investments with returns that could multiply many times over. Beautiful loan could mean a beautiful spirit of self-denial. It is this self-denial that stands to enrich the spirit. The spirit that develops the power to transcendent the self, go beyond it to a level, where the realization dawns of the relationship between the one who provides and one who is provided with.

It is one and only Allah [SwT] who provides, what you stand provided with. It is unto Him to provide you with plenty or keep you in want. Once He provides, returns are expected. The returns are in the shape of ‘Haqooq-ul-Ibad’ spending in His cause means paying the dues to his creation—the fellow human beings in need. Or, creating economic avenues and opportunities for them to prosper.

 There is a divine purpose in providing what you could be endowed with, the purpose of sharing whatever is due. Paying what could be constructed as reasonable might result in manifold dividends. The choice that might take you to the path of ‘Beautiful Loan’ is not difficult to make, once it is comprehended that turning away from that path has negative connotations. Withholding paying of dues might result in losing what is provided.