Friday Focus | Quality matters, not Quantity

It is ordained that in judging things, quantity should not be the determining factor, but the inherent quality: Say: ‘’Not equal are things that are bad and things that are good, even though the abundance of the bad may dazzle thee, so fear Allah, O ye that understand; that (so) ye may prosper’’ (Al Ma’idah: 100)

Numbers may dazzle, hearts may be captured by what is seen all around, yet what dazzles and captures the heart may fail the quality test. Hence, it is imperative that numbers even though massive and apparent all around may take may not be held as the criterion for judging what is good and what is bad. Men of understanding, men of vision have the far-sight to distinguish good from bad. And, they exercise restraint in not lumping together, good and bad. They exercise judgement in keeping what is good in separate compartment, taking due care that it is not polluted by what is bad.

To make distinction between good and bad applies to live situations in public life. How often, we come across situations, where we hear long dazzling speeches with a surfeit of words by speakers, who may call Allah (SwT) to witness, yet have a devious design, as laid down in the Holy Verse:

‘’There is a type of man whose speech about this world’s life may dazzle thee, and he calls Allah to witness about what is in his heart; yet is he the most contentious of enemies’’ (Al Baqarah: 204)

Yes, the speaker with sweet tongue, apparently worldly-wise, might in practice be a glib hypocrite, planning what may cause societal ruin, by stirring up discord and disharmony. It is yet again imperative that we look for quality, and not be swayed by verbal outflow.