Friday Focus |Sickness of Hypocrisy

 ‘’In their hearts is sickness, and God has increased their sickness. They will have painful punishment because of their denial’’ (02:10)

In the quoted Ayah Kareem from Surah Al-Baqr (the Cow) in focus are the people who say they believe, but they believe not, as related:

‘’Among the people are those who say, ‘’We believe in God and in the Last Day, but they are not believers’’ (02:08)

There are people who believe without reservations, their belief in the truth of the Divine Code, in the law of ‘Mukafat (Retribution)’ and Hereafter is total. There are people who totally deny the truth of the Divine Code, of ‘Mukafat’ and of the life Hereafter. Among the people are also the ones who profess faith in God, but in fact, they are not believers. They fall in the category of hypocrites’ they are categorized as ‘Mun’afiqeen’ in deed quite the opposite of their word. In effect, they deceive, none but themselves, as enshrined:

‘’They seek to deceive God and those who believe, but they deceive none but themselves, though they are not aware’’ (02:09)

‘Mun’afiqeen’ in their attempt to deceive God and the believers land in a delusional state. The state they live in betrays sickness in their hearts. In their state of mental sickness, they seek to spread doubts, but it recoils. Unknown to them, they deceive none but themselves. The sickness in their hearts gets compounded. The painful punishment because of their denial referred to in (02:10) pertains to societal wrong, resulting from their hypocritical attitude. Such an attitude is meant to feed and spread doubt. The societal wrong brings into play, the law of ‘Mukafat (Retribution)’. The ‘Mun’afiqeen’ cannot escape the retributive spiral spelt by the ‘Divine Code’.