2nd wave causing fatal complications in patients: Doctors

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As the second Covid wave has engulfed Kashmir, patients as young as 20-year old are dying due to Covid induced bilateral pneumonia and other severe complications which was not the case during the first wave last year.

From bilateral pneumonia to lung damage, doctors say that the second wave has brought more complications and severity to the patients infected with novel coronavirus.

At the same time the rate of infection is much higher in comparison, in the last two days J&K recorded over 3000 cases which is the highest tally for the UT since the outbreak of Covid.

“A young patient was admitted with a saturation level of 84, three days later her saturation level dropped to 30 and died due to Covid induced bilateral pneumonia,” said a doctor at SMHS.

A doctor at SKIMS said that a patient in his mid twenties was admitted with mild symptoms; however his saturation level went down and was put on a ventilator. Few days later he died.

The death of patients as young as 20 year olds has sent shock waves and medicos opine that the severity of the virus this time is different than previous time.

Head of Department, Pulmonary diseases and Internal Medicine, SKIMS, Dr. Rafi Jan said, “Mostly likely it seems that there is double mutation, though there are no proofs about it, but it doesn’t look like a single mutation. It is because of this mutation that the rate of infection is much higher than the last year.”

“Not only is the infection rate is higher but even the complication rate in Covid positive patients is high this time,” he said that this time the incidence of bilateral viral pneumonia has increased significantly leading to more admissions and increased mortality in this age group.

Senior critical care expert Dr. Showkat Shah said that the mutant virus has done more damage this time than the previous year. “Even in some cases RT-PCR tests are not able to detect the Covid. We have seen many cases where a patient having symptoms of Covid, when tested through RT-PCR, report comes negative, but later the CT-scan shows the damage. The cases of bilateral pneumonia too are high among patients admitted in hospitals.”

“If we compare the infection rate it is higher this time. Therefore the best solution at this moment is to impose lockdown, it helps in containing the spread of mutant virus,” he opined.