89 percent slots vacant in promotion quota|Non-induction ails IAS, IPS and IFS in J&K

In a matter of concern, nearly 89 percent slots are lying vacant in promotion quota of IAS, IPS and IFS cadre of Jammu & Kashmir due to non-induction of local officers in these services.

Taking into consideration the last authorised strength of these services, it gets revealed that 157 posts are lying vacant in promotion quota out of 177 slots. “It is a matter of concern. While direct recruitment quota posts get filled every year, the vacancies in promotion quota have remained unfilled over past 7 to 8 years owing to multiple reasons. The representation of locals has gone all time low in these services,” a senior official, wishing not to be named, told Greater Kashmir.

The appointments in prestigious all-India services are made through direct recruitment and promotion (induction).

The authorised strength of IAS cadre of J&K is 137. Of which 75 are direct recruitment posts and 62 promotion quota.

Presently, 53 slots are lying vacant in promotion quota of the IAS cadre as only nine officers are working against these berths.

Similarly, there are 62 vacancies in promotion quota of the IPS in the state against 67 slots.  The total strength of the IPS cadre in the state is 147— 80 direct recruitment posts and 67 promotion quota slots.

The position is almost similar in IFS cadre of the state as only six officers are working in promotion quota out of 48 slots reserved for induction of local officers. As per the last cadre review exercise undertaken in 2006, the authorised strength of the IFS cadre of the state is 106, of which 58 are direct recruit posts and 48 promotion quota posts.

A senior official in J&K government told Greater Kashmir that induction in these services has come to halt due to a host of reasons.

“The Government of India’s indecisiveness over extending 50 percent promotion quota coupled with state government’s failure to frame seniority of officers has affected induction of local officers in these prestigious services,” he said.

Since 2013, the state government had repeatedly written to the Centre to extend quota but the Centre has shown cold response to its pleas.

The official said there has been no induction in IAS since 2013 in the State. “Similarly, induction of local officers in the IPS and the IFS has come to halt respectively from 2010 and 2012,” he said.