A people's person even after his death

A usually quiet uphill table-top locality, overlooking the Chrar-e-Sharief township on Saturday saw people from different walks of life beeline the residence of deceased Greater Kashmir journalist Muddasir Ali for offering condolence to the bereaved family. Muddasir passed away on early Friday morning after suffering a massive heart attack.

From political leaders to journalists, civil servants and many others who were mere acquaintances to Muddasir, visited his house in large numbers. The condolences pouring in from a cross section of society showed how the prolific scribe was deeply connected with the masses.

While people kept paying their condolences to the bereaved family throughout the day, many of them praised the ardent journey of Muddasir. Most of his friends and family, moist-eyed over Muddasir’s demise, said a promising career had been cut-short at a young age. 

Every person dropping-by to offer condolence could be heard praising Muddasir’s 14-year long journalistic career which came to a tragic end on Friday.

A senior political leader, who had come over to meet the bereaved family, described Mudsasir’s death as “losing an asset of Kashmir”. An elderly neighbour who saw Muddasir growing up, whispered in a feeble voice, “Chrar-e-Sharief town might never witness the birth of another Muddasir”. 

Several teenagers performing chores to attend guests could be seen listening keenly to the elderly, one of them exuding confidence said: “I would want to be like him one day”.

Just outside the house is Muddasir’s motorbike, a companion which ferried him to the length and breadth of Kashmir to report different stories. 

Many people visiting Muddasir’s house acknowledged the way he ensured that problems pertaining to common people always remained the central focus of most of his reportage.

Senior journalists and young scribes, who also visited the bereaved family, recollected how Muddasir was courteous and thoroughly professional. 

“He cared the most about common people and had his continuous focus on issues pertaining to them,” said a senior journalist. An inspiration for youth and “people’s reporter”, Muddasir’s name will remain etched in the wall of fame of Kashmir journalism as “a person who was meant for the masses.”