Airfares shoot up after highway restrictions

Airfare to and from Kashmir has risen steeply after the government imposed restrictions on civilian traffic along the Srinagar-Jammu National  Highway for two days in a week earlier this month.

Air tickets from Delhi to Srinagar and vice-versa cost over Rs 12000 per passenger and Rs 8000-9000 on Jammu route. This hike comes at a time when more than one lakh government employees are scheduled to shift to Kashmir after Durbar Move.

An airlines official said that fares are driven by demand and supply and people have no option other than air travel.

People will have to bear with high airfare as the Government of India has already clarified that it can’t regulate prices that were determined by demand and supply.

Delhi-Srinagar airfare is among the highest in India, which rises further whenever the highway is closed due to inclement weather.