Alliance not anti-national: Farooq Abdullah

Soon after he was elected as President of the People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration, National Conference President, Farooq Abdullah on Saturday accused the BJP of carrying out a “false propaganda” by terming the parties which are signatories to the Declaration as “anti-national.”

“I want to convey it to them that this Alliance is not anti-national, but anti-BJP, without any doubt,” Abdullah said. “They (BJP) have made all efforts to desecrate the Constitution of this country and tried to divide people of the country and break its federal structure.”

Abdullah said by abrogating Article 370, government of India has “done complete damage to the Constitution and gave a blow to the federal structure of the country.” He said focus of the Alliance, apart from restoration of Article 370, would also be the regional autonomy for Jammu and Ladakh.

“Apart from restoration of Article 370, we have also been speaking that Jammu and Ladakh must get the regional autonomy so that they don’t feel ignored,” Abdullah said. 

He said the Alliance will continue to fight for “return of the rights” of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. “Our struggle lies in getting people their rights back. The propaganda they are doing in Jammu and other places of dividing us on basis of religion will be a futile one,” Abdullah said.

He said the “struggle of the Alliance” was not religious one but focused on keeping the identity of the country intact. “This is not a religious struggle but a fight to retain the unique identity of the country for which we all are standing here today,” Abdullah said.