Anxiety levels up in people amid covid-19 threat

Anxiety levels up in people amid covid-19 threat
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The spread of coronavirus has increased general anxiety-levels across all segments of people in Kashmir. According to experts people suffering from different psychological ailments are particularly vulnerable to fear and panic.

"While seeing people rushing for food items, face masks,sanitizers and other essential goods, I felt mentally stress and preferred to remainindoors," says Rizwana, a beautician.

A student on the basis on anonymity said that it had beenmore than a week since she had developed insomnia. "Earlier, I used to sleep at11, but now the things have changed. I don't get sleep before 3 am or 4 am.These days I also dream about being isolated in some hospital."

Due to the "mistrust" and "stigma" associated with medicalfacilities in Kashmir these days, there is a sudden surge in the number ofpeople buying painkillers and anti-depressants without consulting the doctors.

"People are self-treating themselves without knowing theconsequences of such medicines," said a doctor.

"People get worried about getting infected when their lovedones show normal flu like symptoms. We provide them paracetamol tablets,however we avoid selling anti-depressants without prescription," said achemist.

Dr Arshad Hussain, psychiatrist at GMC Srinagar, said thatan advisory would be uploaded on internet for the general masses to help themget over the panic. "This advisory will include everything including onconsuming sleeping pills and self-medication. It would be for the interest ofall," he added.

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