'AT&C losses trigger power cuts across Kashmir'

The aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) losses in the electricity are triggering unprecedented power cuts across Kashmir, some PDD officials said.

The officials said that Kashmir was facing over 60 percent AT&C losses. “This means that if we supply 100 MW, only 40 MW reach to the consumer. It also means that only 40 MW are billed.” said an official.

The officials said that AT&C losses coupled with transmission and distribution (T&D) losses push the department for curtailment. Chief Engineer, Distribution, Aijaz Ahmed Dar said that there are a host of reasons which lead to these losses and the department is trying to plug all loopholes to reduce the losses.

He said that consumers also have to play a pivotal role in it.  “There is huge problem of power theft in Kashmir. Consumers are using more power than what they are paying for. They need to show responsibility so that both the department and the consumers can play their roles,” Dar said.

He said that there are also some technical reasons which lead to these losses. “There are only 40 percent of metering across Kashmir and the department is trying to get more areas under metering.  A huge area in Kashmir has a bare wiring system which makes hooking easy, which also needs to be addressed,” he added.

The officials said that the department has taken up a full plan to reduce the AT&C and T&D losses caused due to technical and other reasons.

Managing Director, Kashmir power distribution corporation (KPDCL) Aijaz Asad told Greater Kashmir that J&K tops in AT&C losses across India.

He said that measures are being taken to reduce losses. “KPDCL has identified 100 feeders across Kashmir in which measures to reduce losses will be implemented. The systems will be upgraded so as to reduce the power theft. Metering will also be done so we can plug the losses. We are going to upgrade all the 951 feeders across Kashmir, but we have started with 100 feeders. “Upgradation of LT wiring will also be done under the plan. We will make sure to work on system upgradation and human intervention like on spot checks to reduce the losses,” Asad said.

Last year the officials said that AT&C losses stood at 50% while due to the increase over last year, losses have touched 60%. In some pockets, the officials claim, AT&C losses touch 70 percent which they said are unprecedented.