'DDC election is only about development'

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Bharatiya Janata Party national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain on Sunday appealed to the youth to shun the path of violence. He also said that the DDC election is not about Pakistan or China, it is about development.

“Whether a militant is killed or a militant kills someone, in both the cases it is the people of Kashmir who are dying. So I appeal to the youth of Kashmir, who have been misguided into militancy, to shun the path of violence and join the mainstream,” Shahnawaz told reporters here. “There is no malnutrition among the people of Kashmir…The brain of youngsters is very sharp and if they start studying they can prove their mettle in any examination, be it IPS or IAS.”

He said that the time of suffering for the people of Jammu and Kashmir has ended. “Now they will enjoy prosperity and happiness. BJP will lay emphasis on education and tourism in all districts of J&K,” he said. “We will win their hearts through development. If someone misguides the youth of J&K, it is our duty to bring them back to the right path.”

A Kashmiri boy, he said, who was economically weak and lived in a mud house, cracked the IAS examination recently.

The senior BJP said that this DDC election is not about Pakistan or China, it is about development. “Gupkar gang should show what kind of development they did in the last 70 years in J&K. National Conference, Congress and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were in the government in the last 70 years in J&K,” he said adding that BJP never had a chief minister in J&K. “The alliance with NC and PDP was on the issue of nationalism.”

“At that time it was Mehbooba Mufti who said that you will not get toffee if you throw stones at security forces. When our paths separated, we said that power was not important and dissolved the coalition,” he said.

“It is the resolve of PM Modi to develop tourism in J&K and end militancy. We want to fight the DDC elections on the plank of development.”

When Mehbooba Mufti, Omar Abdullah and Farooq Abdullah became Chief Ministers, he said, they only benefited their relatives. “They should answer what kind of development they did in J&K when they were in power. Don’t talk about national and international issues. Talk about the work which you did for the people of J&K,” he added.

“PAGD is a gang of looters. They only helped their family members and relatives grow without caring about the local masses. For them the meaning of nation is their family. There were four chief ministers from the Abdullah family and two from the Mufti family.”

BJP national spokesperson said that Bihar has 24-hour electricity, “we will give 24 hour electricity in J&K as well”. “All the villages will be connected via roads. Students from J&K will have the best colleges and universities in the UT. They won’t have to go to other states for higher education,” he said.

He said that they appeal to the people of J&K to join PM Modi on the path of development. “We are at the centre and will stay there for a very long time as Rahul Gandhi only does tourism politics,” he said. “Congress is not serious. We are there to stay at the center. Congress was in power for over 50 years, we are also going to stay there for a very long time. If Congress can stay there without doing any work, then we can also be at the centre as we are developing the nation.”

Shahnawaz said that the government will decide on the restoration of 4G internet services. “The demand which we have received regarding restoration of 4G internet will be forwarded to the center,” he said.