Doctors, policemen, COVID patients' families to get influenza vaccine

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Health Department has geared up for influenza vaccination of doctors, nurses, police officials, sanitization workers, Covid-19 person’s family members before the onset of winter season.

The influenza vaccination like H1N1 will be administered to the officials, health workers and others who work in close contact with the Covid-19 patients so that they do not get infected with the flu at the time when novel coronavirus has no vaccine or defined treatment so far.

“Covid-19 in combination with another virus or flu proves deadly and hence we have decided to administer the vaccine before the onset of winters in Kashmir Valley as well as in Jammu,” said an official.

According to the official GMC Srinagar has been provided with vaccines and the same demand has also been placed by the Director Health Jammu. The Kashmir vaccine will be administered first because of the harsh winter season, the official said.

“We have provided around 18000 such vacancies in Srinagar,” the official said adding that there is a demand of overall 40000-50000 vacancies in entire Jammu and Kashmir which will be fulfilled in the shortest period of time.

The official said that the mortality increases when patients suffering from Covid-19 have comorbidity.

“We have to avoid comorbidity in winters and the health department is prepared for this. We want to strengthen the immunity level of doctors, health workers, nurses, police officials, sanitization workers and other civil officials who work in contact with covid positive patients including family members of the coronavirus infected people,” said the official.

The official further said that the same vaccination will also be given in Jammu and demand has also been placed for the same purpose.

Pertinently, Jammu and Kashmir have witnessed more deaths because of comorbidity in elderly persons particularly suffering from covid as well as diabetics, high blood pressure, lungs, kidney or other health related issues.