First re-infection case surfaces at SKIMS

A case of COVID-19 re-infection has surfaced at Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Soura (SKIMS), the Greater Kashmir learnt on Saturday.

The case of COVID-19 re-infection has surfaced at SKIMS for the first time, officials said. Director SKIMS Dr AG Ahanger told the Greater Kashmir: “Our clinicians gave their report today morning. It seems there is a case of re-infection which we are also reporting. As of now, there is confirmation of one re-infection.”

Dr Ahanger said the patient with re-infection was first affected with COVID-19 about six weeks back.

“The patient had recovered after treatment, he developed symptoms again. And we have just detected that the same patient is again positive. The patient is recovering. He is admitted at the hospital,” he said.

“Another patient admitted at the hospital is a suspected re-infection case as of now,” he informed.

However, an official of the hospital, insisting on anonymity, said, “There has been re-infection in both the cases.”

“One case was of a dental surgeon. He was at the hospital. Now he has recovered and has been sent back home,” said another official at the hospital, also wishing not to be identified.

Regarding another case, the official said the patient is still admitted at the hospital.

The recent reports of COVID-19 re-infection cases across the world have alerted health experts, as the world continues to battle the highly infectious disease.

The first case of COVID-19 re-infection was observed in Hong Kong on August 24, where a 33-year-old man who had recovered from COVID-19 had tested positive for the infection, four and a half months later. After the first re-infection cases came to fore in the US and Europe, India too reported COVID- 19 re-infection cases.