Govt breaks silence on additional troops' deployment

Breaking its silence on deployment of additional 10,000 troops in Kashmir, which has led to panic in Kashmir, the state government Monday said the move was necessitated in response to the “needs felt by the security grid”.

The J&K Governor’s advisor on security affairs, K Vijay Kumar said the deployment was a “deliberate and calculated response to the need of security grid.”

“There was an addition or reduction in the security grid owing to our focus on Amarnath Yatra. Therefore, the need arose for little more forces. It is a part of the plan which is in the pipeline,” Kumar said, while talking to reporters on sidelines of a function. “There are so many things happening on social media. For us to react to everything will give strength to these people (rumour mongers),” he said.

Kumar said there was “rumour mongering” on the social media, in response to the orders issued by the government.

“If somebody is causing panic or rumour on social media, then I shouldn’t be countering it as it won’t be proper. But all I am trying to say is what is the source of theses rumours,” he said, rejecting the rumors that the troops movement in Kashmir was connected to any future announcement.

Asked whether government intends to take action against the rumour mongers, he said: “We will examine it.”