Govt prohibits unapproved tours by officials out of J&K

The government has issued strict orders against the unapproved tours by senior officials outside J&K.

A senior official told the Greater Kashmir that the Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam has taken strict note of the issue following which directions were issued barring unapproved visits of senior officials outside J&K.

“The senior officials have been directed not to leave their respective headquarters,” the official said, claiming that the fresh directions might have been issued in view of holidays to make sure the officials remain within J&K.

An order has been issued by the Finance Department following directions from the higher authorities, which stated that all senior officials in the secretariat like Administrative Secretaries, Special Secretaries, Additional Secretaries, Directors (Finance/Planning) etc. shall not proceed on tours outside the headquarters or outside the Union Territory except for day-visit within J&K.

These directions, according to an official, were issued in view of the commencement of the new financial year and the urgent need to begin fresh works/issue fresh sanctions, and the impending darbar move at the end of April was cited as one of the reasons behind the prohibition on tours by senior officials.

“This (direction) shall be followed scrupulously. Further, no visit to Delhi or other places outside the UT shall be approved. The visits may be approved, only in exceptional circumstances for at most a day, by the Chief Secretary,” the order issued by the Finance Department reads.