Group prayers at home become a routine this Ramadhan

Congregational prayers at home became a routine this Ramadhan in Kashmir with authorities and scholars urging people to observe social distancing amid COVID19 lockdown.

On the onset of the Ramadhan, religious scholars took to media instructing people to offer congregational prayers at home with family members.

Showkat Ahmad, a teacher, said he leads his family of ten in all prayers everyday at home. “Soon after the lockdown we started offering congregational prayers at home to respect social distancing,” he said.

“This is the beauty of our religion that in the crisis like we are facing right now, we can offer prayers at home without putting our lives and the lives of others at risk,” Ahmad, a resident of Hazratbal said.

On the arrival of Ramadhan, administration urged people to stay away from gathering at mosques for prayers. The administration also cautioned people against offering prayers on community level at other places outside their homes.

Farooq Ahmad of Batapora, here, who has a nuclear family of four only, said they offered congregational prayers at home daily this Ramadhan.  “I led my family in every prayer at home this Ramadhan. As long as the gathering consists of family members only it is fine. If someone tries to hold gathering of neighbours and relatives that mars social distancing and puts everyone at risk,” said Farooq Ahmad.