HC disapproves filing of more than 1 petition for identical relief

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J&K High Court has disapproved of filing of more than one petition for the same relief. 

While dismissing two writ petitions by a student seeking directions for release of education loan sanctioned in favour of the petitioner, a bench of Justice Sanjay Dhar said: “The petitioner, after having failed to get an interim order for release of loan installment in earlier writ petition filed a second writ petition for a similar relief.”

It added: “Ordinarily, this court would have imposed heavy costs upon the petitioner for resorting to this unhealthy practice, but, having regard to the fact that the petitioner is a student, a lenient view of the matter is taken and the petitioner is warned to be careful in future in such matters.”

The controversy involved in both the writ petitions, the court said, is with regard to release of education loan sanctioned in favour of the petitioner. “In fact, the relief sought in both the writ petitions is identical in nature, therefore, this court is of the opinion that there was no necessity for the petitioner to file the second writ petition for the relief which was already subject matter of the first writ petition”.