Ist day in 7 months with no COVID death in J&K

Photo: Aman Farooq/GK

Wednesday was the first day in the past seven months when no COVID19 death was recorded in J&K. Since March 2020, when the pandemic hit, 1912 people have succumbed to the respiratory virus here.

As per data, no COVID19 death was recorded on 12 June in J&K, a day that was followed by four people losing their lives. In the earlier month, May 15 was the last time in J&K when no COVID19 death was registered. The following day, a Budgam man died due to SARS-CoV2. The following days and months saw the death toll rising.

On 21 September, 24 deaths were recorded in J&K in 24 hours, a death every hour.

Since May, before which deaths were only trickling in J&K, the death toll kept rising. The death toll attributed to the virus in J&K is 1912 as on 13 January. Of these, 1200 deaths have taken place in Kashmir division, while 712 deaths have taken place in Jammu division. The fatality rate, among those confirmed to be infected is 1.56. As per the figures, J&K has lost a life among every 70 people found positive.

Today, 121 new cases were confirmed in J&K. Of these 55 were from Jammu division and 66 from Kashmir division. 174 people were reported to have recovered today. The cumulative total of cases today in the UT was 122885.