IT sleuths conduct raids in J&K

Income tax officials carried out raids at scores of places across Jammu and Kashmir after “inputs of large scale tax evasions”.

The raids were carried out by the sleuths of the IT Chandigarh Circle who were accompanied by officials of the IT Investigation Wing of J&K.

A senior IT department official said the raids have been conducted at over 20 places until Thursday evening.

In Jammu, top business establishments including hotel owners, private offices and residential premises of people of some prominent business houses were raided.

Sniffer dogs and hi-tech electronic equipment were also used by the IT officials during these raids.

Sources said records, unaccounted cash and other evidence supporting undisclosed wealth had been seized, but there was, however, no  official word about the seizures made during these raids.

A senior IT department official of the Chandigarh Circle said that ahead of the end of the financial year, IT department carries out the raids across the country to detect tax evasions.

“Though the team is assessing the data and account details collected from the places raided, at this moment we cannot give you exact facts as it would hinder the investigation,” he said.

Asked whether the raids would continue, he said that it is an ongoing process and wherever fraud or evasion is detected, IT teams will carry out such operations.

He said the exact details of the raids will be released in a press statement by the office of the principal commissioner of IT department Chandigarh Circle.

“Raiding some premises doesn’t mean that a person is guilty unless proven so. So in such cases after proper investigation IT department comes up with the facts and figures of tax evasions, frauds, if any.”

On February 27, the IT department conducted raids at four locations in Jammu and Kashmir and three locations in New Delhi to “crack down on illegal funding of separatists in the Valley”.