KPs greeting Kashmiri Muslims on Eid strikes right chord

A video message from Kashmiri Pandits extending Eid greetings to Muslims of Kashmir has struck right chord here, with people saying that both communities must use “love as weapon” to defeat hate campaigns.

The message compiled by Kashmiri Pandit and noted entrepreneur Amit Wanchoo is winning hearts across the Valley.

The video has been shared and re-shared thousands of times on the Facebook, the Twitter and the Whatsapp, and is evoked widespread appreciation.

Overwhelmed by the message, many social media users pledged to wish Kashmiri Pandit brethren on their auspicious days.

The video features some known and unknown faces of the Kashmiri Pandit community from all over the world.

“Kashmiri Pandits striking the right chord by weaponising love and warmth. It certainly recreates the strong surges of nostalgia about the days of yore in #Kashmir. Our world was beautiful! Thank you so much. Eid Mubarak!,” wrote a social media user.

“Love you guys’ Eid Mubarak ‘ trust me your Kashmir is missing you & we Kashmiris are anxiously waiting for your return to Valley,” wrote another social media user.

Overwhelmed by the response, Dr. Wanchoo said “Thank you everyone. Kashmiris have bond of love and compassion.”

“The message could not have come at the right time then this when the some vested interests are hell-bent to create wedge between two communities. Kashmiriyat has withstood everything in the past and it continues to do so (sic),” wrote Ajay Koul a social media user.

In the same lines, another video message by foreigners from countries like Egypt, Turkey, Africa have greeted Kashmiris on Eid in their mother (Kashmiri) tongue.

Though speaking broken Kashmiri, the message has won hearts in time of pandemic COVID19 which has raised stress levels and even celebrations in the Valley were subdued due to extension of the covid19 lockdown.

Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated after the holy month of Ramdhan during which faithful keep fast throughout the day from dawn to dusk. Eid was celebrated in Kashmir on May 24, while as it was celebrated across India on May 25.