LS POLLS|Won't allow Muftis, Abdullahs to divide India: PM

Terming the National Conference, Peoples Democratic Party and Congress as a ‘mahamilavat’ (adulterated) alliance, Prime Minister NarendraModi Sunday asked the people of Jammu and Kashmir to “end the decades-old dynastic rule of these political parties” in the state.

Addressing an election rally here in support of BharatiyaJanata Party candidate for the Doda-Udhampur-KishtwarLokSabha parliamentary constituency, DrJitendra Singh, Modi said: “The PDP, NC and Congress ‘mahamilwat’ has got exposed in the state. The agenda for which they would undercover earlier is no more hidden”.

“Some of them are threatening of having two Prime Ministers in the country while few others are speaking the language of anti-nationals. But I want to make it clear to them that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and their ‘vanshwaad’ (dynasty rule) will never survive for long,” Modi said.

“Earlier”, he said, “Pakistan also used to give us nuclear threats, but their balloon of threats has ultimately got punctured”.

Paying tributes to Dr BR Ambedkar on his birth anniversary, Modi blamed Abdullahs, Muftis and Congress for “all problems” in Jammu and Kashmir and asserted that “Ambedkar had once said at a rally in Punjab that ‘vanshwaad’ weakens the nation”.

“The Abdullah family and the Mufti family destroyed three generations of J&K. These families have sucked the blood of people for long. For better future of the state, we have to keep these two clans away from power,” he said, and added: “I want to challenge them. Let them field all their relatives in the polls and abuse me as much as they can, but I will not allow them succeed in their nefarious design of dividing India”.

Modi said the “chowkidar (gatekeeper) of India is committed” in this regard.

Modi said the people of J&K cannot be kept hostage or bounded labourers to some “handful of people”.

The PM was referring to NC leader Omar Abdullah’s demand for a separate Prime Minister for Jammu and Kashmir and Mehbooba Mufti’s remark that abrogation of Article 370 can make “J&K free from India”.

“The Abdullah and Mufti families have ruined three generations in the state. They laid siege to the state for three generations. The bright future of Jammu and Kashmir can be ensured only after their departure”.

Modi said that people in Jammu and Kashmir voted in large numbers in the first phase of polls and “rattled” militant leaders, opportunists and demoralised the “mahamilavat” alliance.

“You have proven the strength of democracy in India, in the first phase of elections,” he said.

Lashing out at the Congress, the Prime Minister said: “Congress had been infected with germs. The grand old party’s manifesto promised that AFSPA will be removed from the state if they come to power to demoralise the security forces”.

“Can a patriot speak like this? Shouldn’t our security forces have a safety net,” he asked people at the rally.

“Days have gone when threats used to cow down the government of India. This is new India, which will enter (into Pakistan) to kill terrorists and expose their supporters too. You are not choosing just a MP, but it is your veto on new strategy and new policy of this nation,” the PM said.

Modi further said they (NC and PDP) “are also threatening us with ‘do pradhan’ (two PMs, one each in J&K and India). I want to make them clear once for all. They have not got Jammu and Kashmir as inheritance in writing. J&K is integral part of India”.

Modi said that every child in Jammu and Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh is Indian.

“The citizens of this state cannot be kept hostage or bounded labourers to some handful of people. It is on this soil Shyama Prasad Mukherjee unfurled the tricolour and had then rejected the ideology of ‘two constitutions, two PMs and two flags’ and his ideals are a ‘sacred paper’ to BJP. Nobody can erase it”, the PM said.

Modi said that this Chowkidaar is committed to it and will stand firm on it.

“Modi will stand like a wall before the dynastic families of J&K supported by Congress. They are like occupants of this land for the past three generations. But Modi neither fears nor can be threaten by any one”, he said.

Referring to doubts raised by the Congress on the 2016 surgical strikes and IAF strikes in Balakot, he charged that Congress has never trusted the Indian armed forces.

“For the Congress, the Army is only a way of earning money,” Modi alleged.

Referring to the killing of two BJP leaders and one RSS activist in Kishtwar in the past few months, the Prime Minister said: “I salute the sacrifices of Parihar brothers and Chanderkant Sharma. The nation will remember them as true soldiers who fought against militancy in Jammu and Kashmir”.

Modi also said the country is “suffering because of the misdeeds of the Congress party in its six decades long rule”.

“How shameful it is that the Congress party is now seeking votes over assurances of removing the army from J&K by revoking the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). They (Congress) also want unconditional talks with the people who took money from Pakistan to destabilise Kashmir,” Modi said, and added: “Kashmir is an integral part of the country for which Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and PremNathDogra laid down their lives. No power on earth can snatch it for us”.

Further blaming Congress for “demoralising armed forces”, he said: “Congress never trusted the caliber of armed forces. They always feared that if they (forces) are given a free hand, they might face the 1962 (India-China war) like embarrassment. But they don’t know that this is ‘New India’, which is capable of killing the enemy inside their homes”.

Modi also targeted the Congress for migration of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley and said his government was committed to “settle the displaced community in their native places”.  “Work has started in this direction,” he said.

“The Congress was so concerned about their vote bank, that they pretended not to see atrocities against my Kashmiri Pandit brothers and sisters,” he added.

He also referred to the 1984 Sikh riots and said the Congress was betraying the people by promising “nyay”.

“We are also making efforts to form a law to provide citizenship to families that have come here helplessly from Pakistan and believed in Maa Bharti (mother India),” he said, adding: “We will try to settle refugees and also consider their citizenship rights”.

Modi also accused the Congress of politicising the JallianwalaBagh Centenary.

“The Vice President was in JallianwalaBagh for the government event. He paid tribute to martyrs but Congress CM was not there”, he said, charging that nationalism was an insult for the opposition.

The Punjab chief minister, he said, insulted the JallianwalaBagh memorial by not attending the government’s memorial on the day of the centenary.

Modi said he can understand the kind of pressure on Amarinder Singh.

“There is a difference between ‘rashtra bhakti’ (patriotism) and ‘pariwar bhakti’ (loyalty to family). I have known captainAmaridner Singh for a long time. I have never raised a question on his patriotism. I can understand the kind of pressure which must have been put on him for this kind of  ‘Parivar bhakti’”, Modi said.

Referring to Punjab chief minister’s absence at the commemoration ceremony organised by the Union Ministry of Culture, he said, “It is necessary to expose these people. Yesterday when the whole country was paying tributes to those killed in the JallianwalaBagh massacre, Congress was busy in playing politics,” he said.

“The vice president went to JallianwalaBagh to participate in a government function to pay tributes to the martyrs but the Congress chief minister was missing. He boycotted the function because he was busy with Congress ‘pariwar bhakti’,” the prime minister alleged.

Lauding the valour of security forces, he said the question is why the Congress is “fearful and frustrated” when it hears about surgical and air strikes in Pakistan.

“The countrymen feel proud after hearing such things. The morale of our forces also goes up, but the Congress is busy in politicking,” he said.

Modi, who started his speech in Dogri, said the heavy turnout of voters in the first phase of elections on April 11 in Jammu and Baramulla constituencies is a setback to militants, their mentors and those parties championing their cause.

“I visited the entire country after starting rallies last month and witnessed an intense wave in favour of the BJP. Surveys by various agencies also make it clear that the BJP will get three times higher seats than the Congress in this poll and it is not possible for the Congress to save itself,” he said.

“The Congress stopped the armed forces from taking tough measures against militants. They were apprehensive that if they give a go-ahead and a situation like 1962 emerges, the Congress’s boat will sink.”

He claimed the Congress never understood the strength and capability of the Army. “We used the force for national security but for the Congress, the Army is just an instrument for minting money,” he alleged.

He alleged the party got “malai” (kickbacks) for defence deals and it was least concerned about the forces.

He claimed that even today the Congress is raising questions on surgical and air strikes to shield its failure to act and to save their vote bank.

He said that on May 23, the poll results will be declared and it will be ‘phirekbaarModisarkaar (Modi government again)”.

According to opinion polls and surveys, the BJP will get thrice the seats that Congress will win, Modi said.

Highlighting the achievements his government, Modi said: “Your one vote led to reservation for border residents, 10 percent reservation for poor people, benefits for farmers, LPG, power connections, Rs five lakh free health insurance for needy, opening of ShahpurKandi dam, and establishment of AIIMS, GMC and engineering colleges”.

He appealed to voters to vote on April 18 in favour of the BJP candidate DrJitendra Singh “for development and progress” of the state.

“Your one vote will also give sleepless nights to people across the border and it will further strengthen the ‘chowkidar’,” Modi said.

Modi said he is committed to resettle Kashmiri Pandits in the valley and to provide citizenship rights to PaK and West Pakistani refugees who settled in Jammu and Kashmir after migrating from across the border decades ago.

He blamed the Congress for the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley and said it would never be able to provide justice to the community and the victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

“It is due to Congress’s policies that my Kashmiri Pandit brothers and sisters had to leave their homes. The party and its allies witnessed the atrocities committed against Pandits but they paid no heed,” the PM said.

Modi said that even today, the Congress is reluctant to speak on the issue of Pandits but “this chowkidar is promise-bound to resettle them on their land. This process has already been started”.

Similarly, Modi said, his government has started the process of providing citizenship rights to refugees from Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PaK) and Pakistan who were compelled by circumstances to come here post-Independence.

“We are making continuous efforts to provide them citizenship. On May 23, when election results are announced and once again the Modi government comes to power, efforts will be restarted to pass the citizenship Act,” the PM said.

Accusing the Congress of injustice against people of the country over 60 years, he asked whether the party would be able to give justice to the Kashmiri Pandits and the victims of 1984 Sikh riots.

“It is the party which is parroting (demand for) justice, but it is only to deceive the people,” he said alleging that “generation after generation, it deceived the people in the name of justice to achieve its political interests”.

Seeking votes for the party, Modi said the chowkidar was making sincere efforts for the people’s security and prosperity, while maintaining honour and dignity.

The PM said the votes in favour of the BJP also ensured direct transfer of Rs 75 crore to the accounts of 12 crore farmer families annually and poor families got medical insurance of Rs five lakh, besides resumption of the stalled work on ShahpurKandi dam project.

The construction of roads, underground bunkers for border residents, tunnels and bridges, AIIMS, IIT and IIM also gained momentum in the state, he said.

“You vote on April 18 will increase the pace of development works, cause sleepless nights for some people across the border and will also strengthen Modi,” he said. He said it was not just an election for members of Parliament, but the people would also approve a ‘Naya Bharat’ and ‘NayiNeeti’ (new policies).

Modi also asked them to pledge to perform the duties of chowkidar against corruption and black money.

He sought their support for taking tough action against anti-national elements, for a final assault on terrorism, to defeat family rule, push infiltrators out of the country, for action against deserters who looted the country and to demolish the wall of hatred.

The PM also greeted people on the occasion of Baisakhi.

 (with PTI inputs)