Mian Altaf refuses to meet Madhav

Senior National Conference leader and former minister Mian Altaf Ahmad today refused to meet BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav.

Mian Altaf Ahmad issued a statement to the press which read:

“Bhartiya Janata Party leader Khalid Jehangir on Friday called me and told that BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav will come to my residence to meet me. I told him (Khalid Jehangir) there is no need to come to my residence as I have nothing to do with the BJP. I never met him directly or indirectly and to keep the record straight I sent a message from my phone to Khalid Jehangir to immediately convey to Ram Madhav not to visit my residence besides never discuss any politics with me.”

“I want to convey it to my people, besides those who had advised Mr. Ram Madhav, that may be from the government side or BJP or any other side and want to stage any drama and then harm me and blame militants. People understand these things (Sic),” the statement added.