Modi playing politics on KPs, AFSPA: Azad

Senior Congress leader and leader of opposition in RajyaSabhaGhulamNabi Azad Monday accused Prime Minister NarendraModi of creating “war hysteria” and “fear psychosis” among the people for electoral gains in the LokSabha elections.

He also lashed out at the BJP for “creating an atmosphere of mistrust and hate” in the country and said “Modi is playing politics on the issue of Kashmiri Pandits and AFSPA”. Azad was addressing an election rally at Bhadarwah in support of the party candidate from Udhampur-DodaLokSabha seat Vikramaditya Singh.

Azad said the PM makes no mention of the promises he made especially to our youth, farmers and the poor in the last election.

“Instead he has created war hysteria and fear psychosis among the countrymen for votes.”

Azad said Modi’s promises to the people in the last election like 10 crore jobs, 50 per cent increase in the minimum support price (MSP) to the farmers, bringing back black money, BetiBachaoBetiPadhao and depositing Rs 15 lakh in the account of every common man have proved “hollow”.

BJP does not talk of their report card on all those promises but is creating fear psychosis, mistrust and war hysteria, Azad said.

He said farmers continued to commit suicides but the Modi government “remained indifferent and insensitive toward their issues”. Atrocities on women and weaker sections continued unabated and the poor are facing unprecedented price hike but for the Modi government these are no more issues, Azad added.

He accused the BJP of pursuing “divisive and diversionary tactics and creating an atmosphere of mistrust and hate for political gains” while ignoring the larger interests of maintaining social and religious harmony which are paramount for the unity and integrity of the nation.

While remembering AtalBihari Vajpayee, Azad said that he (Atal) was a man of principles and Modi should learn from him.

“Modi knows he cannot get a single vote on the plank of development, that’s why he always plays communal, religion and caste card,” he alleged.

“Congress had played an important role in the freedom of our country; there was no BJP at that time in the country. Today they are questioning us about nationalism”.

He said BJP and its leaders will “be proven the most corrupt whenever an investigation will be initiated”.

“Modi is the only PM who never answered any questions in the RajyaSabha or LokSabha,” he said.

While commenting on Modi’s speech that Pakistan would be happy if Congress wins, Azad said, “I never visited Pakistan and our leaders are not invited by Pakistan. PM Modi visited Pakistan to attend a birthday party. Modi is being supported by the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan. I am surprised that Modi is still telling people that Congress is pro-Pakistan.”

Stating that militancy has grown and the maximum number of security forces was killed in Modi government’s five years, Azad appealed to the people of Chenab Valley to vote for Vikramaditya Singh.

“Instead of admitting his failure, Modi is targeting Congress on the issue of Kashmiri Pandits and revocation of AFSPA. Congress is a secular party and is committed to overall development of all sections of the society. We never said that AFSPA will be revoked but will be strictly implemented in border areas,” said.

Azad said that if Congress comes into power, people will get free education upto class 12, free medical care, one family member will get a job and prices of diesel and petrol will be reduced.  He said 25 crore poor families will get Rs 6000 per month and this amount will be credited to bank account of housewives.