No dearth of COVID beds, ICUs: Government

J&K Government today issued a detailed statement about the availability of hospital beds dedicated for COVID19 at secondary/district level and at tertiary care level claiming ample space across all levels of healthcare.

The statement follows the surge in the number of cases of the viral illness over the past three weeks, putting extra burden on the healthcare facilities.

As per the data, there are 3609 COVID19 beds across the UT. Of these, 2358 are available in Kashmir

division, while 1251 are available in Jammu division.

The data reveals that in Jammu division, only 309 beds are occupied while 942 are vacant. In Kashmir division, 639 beds are occupied, while 1719 are vacant. Pertinently, in Jammu division, the number of active cases is 11544, while the number stands at 8374 in Kashmir division.

Details of division and hospital-wise oxygen bed capacity and availability have also been issued. It has been stated that in Jammu division, 862 oxygen beds are available of which 712 are occupied. In Kashmir, the number is 1913 and 1451 respectively.

The statement has given a comfortable position of the ventilators in hospitals. In Jammu, 80 ICU beds are available currently while in Kashmir, 118 ICU beds are available. While no patient is on a ventilator in Jammu division, in Kashmir division, 11 patients are on ventilator.