No respite from heat wave in Jammu

Metrological Department on Tuesday predicted that Jammu would continue to reel under heat wave for at least one more week.

 The maximum temperature may vary from 40 degrees Celsius to 45 C while minimum temperature is likely to range from 29 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees, said a daily weather bulletin issued by the Metrological Department.

While the rising temperature in Jammu city has been giving tough time to locals, experts claim that massive deforestation in and around Jammu city is the main reason for the soaring temperature.

DrMahender Singh, senior scientist and nodal officer Agrometeorological Research Centre, Jammu, said the trees contribute in formation of moisture which causes rainfall besides filtering harmful carbon dioxide.

“But in absence of trees there is no barrier and wind pushes clouds to other areas,” he said.

He said felling of trees also affects process of evapo-transpiration in which forests absorb water from the soil through their roots and later release it into the air as moisture, which has a cooling effect on the air.

“When trees are cut, this cooling effect disappears,” he added, adding replanting trees could prevent further change in day temperatures.