Police women helpline receives 50 complaints in 2 weeks

Two weeks after its launch, the women’s Helpline Centre of Jammu and Kashmir Police has received more than 50 complaints of violence and harassment against women.

The round-the-clock helpline was set up by the Srinagar district police at Women’s Police Station Rambagh on 1 May to make women feel safe and to make them aware that no one has the right to tease or sexually harass them or in any way physically harm them.

A policewoman dealing with the helpline cases said a girl recently complained about a boy who had uploaded her picture on social media.

“We also got a call from a woman whose daughter was being harassed by a boy in the neighbourhood. We also received complaints regarding domestic violence,” she said.

She said the complaints made by Srinagar residents are being handled by the women’s police station itself, while complaints from other areas are referred to the concerned police stations.

Women can call or send WhatsApp messages on 9596770601 and 9596770602.

As reported by Greater Kashmir, the Crime Branch of the police had released figures about atrocities against women during the year 2017 that shows a significant jump in sexual violence and other types of atrocities against women.

During 2016, the police had registered 2920 cases of rape, molestation, kidnapping and abduction, eve teasing, dowry death cases and other atrocities against women. In 2017, the number of such cases rose to 3363.

The police data shows 314 women were raped in 2017 compared to 262 in 2016.

As many as 1422 women complained of being subjected to acts of molestation in 2017, 189 cases more than in the previous year.