Regularisation misused to get jobs through backdoor: CS

Chief Secretary BVR Subhramanyam today said that the regularisation of services has been misused in Jammu and Kashmir to get into the government jobs by backdoor entries, thus snatching jobs from genuine candidates.

“Regularisation of services is a big issue. Regularisation has been a way of misusing entry into government jobs, let us be very clear that regularisation was being used by those who had connections in power corridors to first enter as back door appointees, daily wagers, contractual and then get regularised. This has been depriving the genuine candidates’ opportunity to get into government services,” Chief Secretary said during a press conference of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha here.

“Regularisation is nobody’s right, there is Supreme Court ruling, you read the newspaper about it and how the Punjab High Court struck down the regularisation order. But at the same time we are not throwing them out of the jobs who are seeking regularisation, we are trying to do it in a systematic way by looking at various aspects including financial implications.”

“In some cases schemes for volunteers have been misused, at some instances volunteer services were converted into jobs. If I tell you that because of these schemes there will be no vacancy till 2032. It is not the way that you will fill up vacancies for the next 25 years, we have to have a systematic approach toward this issue. It is only in J&K that Rehbar-e-Taleem recruits were regularized, it is unprecedented.”

According to government estimates over 1,00,000 daily rated workers working in various departments are awaiting regularisation.

The employees unions are up in arms against the administration, seeking regularization of services of those working in various government departments as daily wagers, contractuals.

Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) Wednesday reiterated it would continue to strive for the rights of daily-rated workers engaged in different government departments.