Sarpanchs in Jammu get more votes than Dr Farooq: BJP

A day after party’s emphatic victory in the Parliamentary elections, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) State president Ravinder Raina said that his party would never prefer an alliance with National Conference in Jammu and Kashmir after the Assembly elections.

“We don’t need anyone to form a government in the State as we’re sure that our party will get more than 50 seats in the Assembly elections,” Raina said when asked whether his party will prefer an alliance with NC that won the public mandate from Kashmir region in the Parliamentary elections.

Raina mocked at Dr Farooq Abdullah when asked about latter’s assertion that BJP wins elections by polarizing people.

“Dr Farooq Abdullah has polled as much votes in Srinagar LS polls as are polled in favour of Sarpanchs here in Jammu in the Panchayat elections. Our party has polled 17 lakh votes in this election. And this figure is double than combined figures of PDP, NC, Congress, NPP and other independent candidates put together. So we shouldn’t take Farooq’s words seriously.”

Raina said that while his party candidates from Jammu-Poonch and Kathua-Doda-Udhampur parliamentary seats, Dr Jitendra Singh and Jugal Kishore Sharma, won with better vote percentage this time, a debutant in Ladakh, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, also made the party proud by winning with a good margin.

Asked about killing of Zakir Musa on the day of BJP’s victory, he said, “Zakir Musa and his alike will meet the same end if they wouldn’t shun the pathway of violence.”

Meanwhile, in a scathing attack on Congress, the BJP State president said that the grand old party of the country had to face successive defeats at the hands of people due to its love for militants, separatists and Maoists.

“People of this country are mature enough to differentiate between a party that gives no space to anti-country emotions and leaders of other party who add ‘ji’ with the dreaded militants,” Ravinder Raina said adding that such leaders and the party they belong to have been rejected by the voters.